Water Damage Help When You Need It Most

Emergency Flood Service 24/7

…Water and flood damage isn’t something that waits for business hours. Our professional and committed Sherman Oaks water damage response teams are available around the clock to assist you when dealing with the forces of nature.

Water Damage can come from a variety of sources including:

  • Bathroom Overflows
  • Septic Backup
  • Pipe Leaks
  • Flooding
  • Basement Moisture
  • Roof Leaks
  • Wet Carpet
  • Plumbing Bursts

Yours Response is critical

The most important step in dealing with water damage is your response. Every minute that passes is an opportunity for water to infiltrate porous surfaces like carpet, upholstery, insulation or drywall. Many times, Sherman Oaks water damage victims wait to call for help while damages become permanent. If you’re up to your knees and water, following these tips may save you countless dollars:

  1. Call for Professional Help: (818) 626-3766
  2. Unplug electrical devices if possible
  3. Try to remove excess water by mopping
  4. What’s standing water off of furniture
  5. Remove wet cushions and upholstery
  6. Place woodblocks, saran wrap or aluminum foil between wet carpeting and furniture legs
  7. If it’s during summer, turn on air conditioning and fans (unless the ceiling is wet). Open windows and doors for maximal drying
  8. Removed rugs
  9. Take valuables like artwork or collectibles to a dry place.

Our Services

Emergency Flood Team Sherman Oaks takes water damage very seriously. Our team of certified and licensed professionals will use the industry standard IICRC cleanup protocol to assess damages, remove water and restore water damaged structures and belongings. We will meet with your insurance claim adjuster on site and will take every effort to contain water damage and prevent future losses.

We use a variety of techniques that are only available to professionals to help you when you get most:

  • Industrial pumps to remove standing water
  • Infrared Imaging to locate the source of a leak and root out hidden moisture
  • Commercial Grade Blowers to eliminate moisture
  • Dehumidifiers and air scrubbers that improve air quality
  • Sterilization of bacteria and mold that may grow in standing water
  • Deodorization of musty smelling areas
  • Professional restoration of discolored or warped furniture and walls/ceiling
  • Steam cleaning of carpets and padding
  • Preventative measures

Direct to Insurance Billing

Whatever you do, never trust your California insurance company to have your best interests at heart. If you have insurance for damage, you’re always entitled to select the company that processes your claim. Don’t settle for a national company that has no knowledge of water damage or uses subcontracted, uninsured laborers on your site. Save time and money by choosing a Sherman Oaks locally licensed company for your water damage claim. Call Emergency Flood Team Sherman Oaks at (818) 626-3766 for more information or for immediate assistance 24/7.