Fire and Smoke Damage? Fight Back!

…with Sherman Oaks’ leading Fire Damage Restoration Service

If you’re struggling with the complex damage of fire or smoke, you need professional help. Although flood is in our name, we’ve helped thousands of fire victims, just like you, get their lives back. Let us show you how.

Why trust a professional?

Smoke damage is one of the most frustrating consequences of the fire, regardless of size. Our trained fire damage professionals are licensed to recognize the damage fire, heat and smoke impact your building’s structure and its contents.

Upon initial inspection, it may seem like smoke damage is limited to the immediate vicinity of the fire. However, smoke penetrates the cavities of a building, causing extensive hidden damages and pervasive odors. Your Sherman Oaks Emergency Team will have all the right tools and equipment to assess your fire damage situation and bring your property back to life quickly and professionally.

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Why Should I Seek Help Right Away?

Like other forms of natural damage, fire and smoke can create permanent problems if left untreated.

In Minutes

Acid residues from the fire will yellow plastics. Appliances located close to the flame will discolor. Highly porous materials like marble will become permanently discolored.

In hours

Smoke Residues will stain grout and bathrooms, fiberglass bath fixtures yellow, exposed metals tarnish while furniture finishings begin to discolor.

In days

After more than 24 hours, metal fixtures will corrode, pit and rest. Wouldn’t furniture finishes will require restoration, vinyl flooring will require replacement. Clothing and upholstery stains will set and require professional cleaning

In weeks

Restoration becomes all but impossible if not incredibly expensive. Tabetic carp bits will require replacement, silver corrodes permanently, glass, china and crystal will undergo severe etching caused by acid residue exposure.

Direct Insurance Billing

You’re entitled to choose the company that restores your Sherman Oaks property after fire loss. We’ll meet your insurance claim adjuster on site and begin working right away. Don’t wait for your insurance company to send someone days after the fire while damage becomes permanent. The Emergency Flood Team takes the headache and worry out of restoration by working directly with your insurance company to find a solution.

There’s enough on your mind after a fire… choosing a professional Fire Restoration Company shouldn’t be.

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